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Some of the land projects we have been involved are the expansion of Changi Airport Terminal 3 (Singapore), the establishment of high precision GPS networks (Malaysia) and the development and expansion of Jurong Port (Singapore). For marine survey projects completed, it includes the diversion of pipelines and services for Fugro Survey (Singapore), geophysical studies and investigation of Singapore waters, coastal studies for the port development of Tanjong Pelapas (Malaysia) and geophysical exploration search for marine sand (Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam & the Philippines).


Over the years, the industries worldwide have recognized that they too play a part in protecting the environment and have started incorporating more eco-friendly procedures and processes. Since incorporation, YJP has been actively supporting these industries. Some of the environment projects we have been involved so far are the establishment of real-time ADCP networks for the reclamation of Pulau Tekong and Southern Islands (Singapore), implementation of environmental monitoring and management plan (EMPP) for the construction of dams (Singapore) ; and consultation and analysis for current and wave spectrum on behalf of the Ministry of Defence (Singapore)


The above are but a small representation of the projects we have completed over the last quarter century. Innovation and technology adoption is only one part of our DNA. Values, like being honest with our clients and upholding a can-do spirit to deliver on client needs, remains unchanged.